The time has come – you have approved your new website, all the content is there, pictures are uploaded, it’s been QC’d and we have moved it to your hosting server, does that mean it’s done?

Excellent question! This would be considered the “build-phase” part of your website; which would be a completed site that is fully functional. In reality this is really only about half of the overall website build process. The other half involves fine-tuning, tweaking, adjusting and Search Engine Optimizing.

How long does all that take?

First the fine-tuning and tweaking; that typically goes on for a couple of weeks as the site is viewed in a real-world environment and by you and your employees. You may find that the logo size you first selected just doesn’t look quite right when viewed on an iPhone, or that there is too much text on the homepage. These things are simple to fix and are expected as a normal part of our projects.

Second is the Search Engine Optimizing. This part is a little more tricky to answer… The Internet is as close to a living thing as something electronic can be as there are literally hundreds of millions of people posting new information, developing new capabilities and coming up with new ideas every single day. It is continually evolving and growing, and so far I don’t believe it’s learning or has become self-aware (although read my last post on Private Web Browsing and you may think it’s alive).

Depending on your situation and your company’s goals – it may never be done. If your company generates the majority of your business via the Internet and relies on people finding you, then I would say you should be modifying and updating your site at least once per week, but daily is better. If your business uses your website as nothing more than a fancy business card, then maybe make an adjustment once a month or so.

The truth is that your website is your company’s image and the thing most new customers or clients will see first – make sure it shows them who you are! We recommend updating the design and look of your website at least once every two years. This shows customers that your business is thriving and they should feel comfortable working with you.