What web design services does Sundial Studios offer?

Sundial Studios offers premium website design, custom web development, e-commerce websites, strategic planning, corporate messaging, ROI strategy, social media best practices and 1st page Google SEO services.

We specialize in designing and building world-class HD WordPress websites for businesses and developing comprehensive strategic plans to increase their ROI.

Our experience is diverse and we are experts in business websites, corporate websites, e-commerce websites, escape room websites, consumer electronics websites, insurance and healthcare websites & client portals, employment agency websites, real estate websites and more.

The custom websites we develop are typically built using WordPress, the most popular platform on the Internet. The e-commerce websites we build are based around WooCommerce, and custom client portals via PHP which can integrate with most API’s.

Can Sundial Studios help with Google SEO

Absolutely! Sundial Studios has been providing premium 1st Page SEO services for companies of all sizes; from small local business to national chains.

Use our Google ranking tool and request a free SEO evaluation of your website by clicking here

What other services does Sundial Studios offer?

A large portion of our business is consulting with startups and small businesses to develop strategic marketing plans, ROI strategy and creating a blueprint that helps get their companies to the next level.

Typically a new or growing small business cannot afford to have their own full-time VP of Marketing or similar position. We can fill those shoes and provide that level of guidance and knowledge at a much lower cost and a better ROI.

How long as Sundial Studios been in business

Sundial Studios Digital Strategy has been in business since 2008, however Sundial Studios is derived from Sundial Technologies, a multi-faceted computer support, technology and marketing company that started in 1996.

We have been around for a long time and have helped and supported thousands of clients improve their business, engage with their clients, better support their vendors and increase their ROI.

How many people work for Sundial Studios?

Sundial Studios is made up of a team of more than 20 incredibly talented designers, developers, coders, API programmers, database specialists and SEO experts. In an effort to keep client costs down and speed the development process, our entire team works remotely and is not tied to a rigid 9-5 schedule.

How many people will I have to deal with?

Just one!

It’s our belief that whenever possible you should only have to deal with one project manager, learn one personality and hold one person accountable while you are working with us. This prevents the “he said – she said” scenarios and makes for a better experience all around.

Can Sundial Studios maintain our website?

Absolutely, in fact we maintain the security and updates for most of the websites we build.

We even have support options where we will proactively look at ways to improve your website after we’ve built it, not just keep it secure and running.

Already have a website but want maintenance? No problem, we can do that as well.

Does Sundial Studios create a plan before starting a project?

Plan the work and then work the plan!

We start every project by developing a structured plan called a blueprint. This blueprint eventually turns into a scope of work and then becomes part of a contract.

We then follow that blueprint – like a contractor building a house from the architect’s plans – to complete your website project.

Where is Sundial Studios located?

We are located in Windermere, Florida; just west of Orlando, between Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.

It’s ok if you’re not local; we currently support clients from all corners of the country, and even a couple from other countries. We’ve found that we can be very efficient by communicating via Skype and Google Hangouts.

That being said, we do like meeting our clients in person, and are willing to make travel arrangements.

What type of clients does Sundial Studios work with?

Our primary client is a small business that does not have an in-house web developer or marketing team with technical experience (your Sales Manager or HR Director is not a marketing department…).

Most of the companies we work with have fewer than 50 employees and annual sales below $10M, although we have worked with many single-member startups, national retail chains, school districts and even a couple $100M+ companies in the hospitality industry.

We also do a lot of “white-label” work for other agencies (websites we build in secret for larger companies that is passed-off as their work) but that is not displayed on our website for obvious reasons.

Does Sundial Studios work with escape rooms?

Absolutely! We are experts in escape room web design, escape room SEO and escape room marketing, and have been fortunate to have worked with some of the largest escape room companies in the USA. We have been deeply involved in the escape room industry since they first came to the USA in 2014.

We understand the entertainment business and how to engage with customers, and create engaging websites that convert visitors into paying guests. We have unlocked the techniques involved with Google and Social Media Marketing – having SEO’d approximately 1,400 keywords, made over 10,000 Facebook & Instagram posts and directly generated over $1,000,000 in sales for our clients.

  • Single location websites
  • Multi-location websites
  • Booking platform integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • Helpdesk integrations
  • High-end mission and marketing videos
  • Local and regional SEO
  • Google ads and re-targeting
  • Facebook ads and re-targeting

If you have an escape room, axe throwing room or smash room, and want to increase your sales, please schedule a call with us below.

Does Sundial Studios offer web hosting?

We do not host websites ourselves, but do have agreements with the two highest rated hosting companies on the Internet:



Does Sundial Studios offer financing?

We offer variable payment options, subscriptions and financing based on the overall scope and size of the project. If you are interested in financing a project, let’s start by reviewing the details and putting a proposal together – schedule a call today by clicking below and give us information about your project.