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2015 was an amazing year here at Sundial Studios. We worked with some amazing new clients, worked on more than a few extremely challenging projects and expanded our incredible team of programmers, developers and SEO experts. What was once a one-person operation is now much much more!

2016 opens the door to even more new opportunities!

To start – we now offer a 100% free Social Media Dashboard that you can use as a launching pad to post to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, schedule posts and create custom graphics. Just go to social.sundialstudios.com and sign-up. That’s all there is to it.

If you want more or find that posting consistently is too much work; we have a team of writers and content creators who will write content that’s designed to get interaction from visitors which will turn into more likes, more shares and more sales / business for you.

Second – SEO is now such a major part of our business and the results our team is getting are 2nd to none! As part of our added value, we are offering you a free evaluation of your website. Simply click here and complete the simple form. We’ll let you know the current SEO status of your website within 1 business day. No commitment and no cost!

There is more to come in 2016 including informational videos, how-to seminars, tips and tricks and more…