Mobile friendly websites are a vital part of any Internet marketing plan. Current estimates are that 28% of all web traffic is from a mobile device; which is a lot! Basically 1 out of 3 people is using a phone or tablet to view your website. It’s important for you to think about how your site look like on a phone.

Take a minute to pull your site up on your smartphone (if you have one). How fast is it? Can someone find your phone number easily and in less than 5 seconds? Do you have a map with directions easily accessible so people can find you?

Most of our new sites are built using an amazing technology called “Responsive“, which changes the layout of your website by the size of the screen viewing it. In the past you would have to have a website for each device, not any longer – as the graphic below shows; your site can re-arrange and resize as needed.


Besides being pretty cool, this capability is a must-have feature for a small business website.

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John Robb
Owner / Creative Director