Your domain name is one of the most important pieces of intangible and intellectual property that your business has. It’s the direct line of communication between your customers and you. It’s how people find you online and make purchases. It’s how your current customers tell their friends to find you and it’s a vital part of your business.

One thing that we consistently come across when meeting new clients is how often they have ceded control of their own domain name to their current or former web developer. 99% of the time this is done without knowing the ramifications, the options and the potential legal pitfalls this can cause.


Once you transfer your domain, you are no longer the legal owner of it – think about it…

Many web developers, freelancers and unscrupulous web designers will convince a small business owner that domain names need to be transferred over to their account in order to build, modify and maintain the website they are building for you - THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION

It happens like this… You hire a web design company to build or re-design your website. They tell you that in order to guarantee that it works properly, you need to transfer your domain to the new hosting service because yours isn’t fast enough / powerful enough / not the right system etc… Of course, you hired this company so you trust them, and you follow their instructions. The next thing you know, you no longer own, or have control of, your own domain name(s).

If you are presented with this situation, please don’t transfer your domain – EVER!  Every domain registration company I have worked with offers the ability for you to update the NAMESERVERS for your domain name. Think of this like a “change of address card” you’d get from the post office. You retain ownership and control of your domain, and simply direct the traffic to your developer’s server.

If your web developer requests that you transfer your domain to their hosting, simply ask them for their NAMESERVERS and update them at your registrar. This will keep you as the legal and rightful owner of your domain name and simply direct traffic to their servers.

If you change web developers sometime in the future, you can simply update the NAMESERVERS again, but you always have control of your domain.

This will protect your investment and keep you in control!

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John Robb
Owner / Creative Director