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WordPress Websites SEO Strategy

This question does not have a simple answer – think of going to an architect because you want a new home and asking “design me a house – how much”?

The actual designing, developing, coding and building of the website is only a portion of a website project; there is planning, messaging and a goal assessment before we even get to the actual design and development process.

Over the last 12 years we have built literally hundreds of websites and developed even more marketing and digital strategy plans for all types of clients. What we’ve learned over this time is that developing a structured plan, and then following that plan, is paramount – kind of like designing and building a house from the architect’s plans rather than winging-it.

Using the house analogy; we like to start by developing a Blueprint of your project. Our Blueprint is a high-level document providing everyone involved with a drone’s eye view of your project. We’ll use this to map out your needs, determine what content you have or what content is needed, what the website should say, how your clients or customers will interact with the site, and finally how you will get customers to the site and get them to engage.

Start by getting yourself a basic cost estimate – it’s anonymous and takes less than 30 seconds.