Yes – a WordPress specific hosting account is required in order to guarantee functionality and compatibility. Although some discount hosting plans say they are “WordPress Compatible” that does not mean the website will run properly.

You can get your own hosting if you like; we recommend either using Siteground or WPEngine for the best results. We can even help get your account setup for you if you want.

Premium hosting with up to 5 email address, daily backups, advanced security suite and ongoing plugin and theme updates is available for only $99/month. Additional email addresses are available in blocks of 10 for $25/month.

We do not recommend GoDaddy for hosting or email due to the speed, spam, and long-term costs. However, if you must use them, please select their Business Web Hosting option. You will not have good results and we cannot support your site with their Deluxe Linux or Managed WordPress hosting options.